Tongkat Ali Benefits for Women

Tongkat Ali Benefits for Women

Benefits of Tongkat Ali are often associated with men. But it doesn’t mean that women get no benefit from using Tongkat Ali. Traditionally, Tongkat Ali is a natural medicine for hormonal imbalance in females. It also helps to overcome stress, fatigue, and lethargy.

Tongkat Ali is scientifically called Eurycoma longifolia. It is also famous by the name of “psak bumi”. It is a flowering plant, which belongs to the family Simaroubaceae. The natural areas of its growth are Indonesia and Malaysia. However, it also grows in Thailand, India, Laos, and Vietnam.

This plant is of medium height, which only grows up to 10 meters maximum. It is not usually branched like other plants. The root of Tongkat Ali is a part of traditional medicines for long. Today, it is available in powder and supplement form, which are alternate herbal medicine.

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In what ways Tongkat Ali helps women?

The effects of Tongkat Ali benefit women users in following ways.

  • Tongkat Ali for Emotional Support

One of the many amazing traits of Tongkat Ali is that it can reduce the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. The release of cortisol increases the stress levels of the body. It is proven by research that using Tongkat Ali reduces the significant symptoms of stress. It eases confusion, suppresses anger and reduces tension. It is also helpful to control severe mood swings.

Stress is affecting millions of people worldwide. Tongkat Ali, being a natural product is a safe stress reliever, which has absolutely no side effects. It is better to use Tongkat Ali supplements than prescription-based medicines. They are more effective, inexpensive and safer.

Tongkat Ali benefits for women

  • Tongkat Ali for Energy Boost

Do you feel tired, restless, energy drained and stressed all day? Do you feel no energy or motivation to perform even the simplest daily life tasks? If so, your body needs a quick boost which is efficient and safe.

Fortunately, Tongkat Ali fulfills both these requirements. During a hormonal imbalance, the body fails to control the hormonal status, which sometimes causes lethargy and fatigue. Using Tongkat Ali regulates the hormones that in result provide sufficient energy for metabolism and all body functions.

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The extra boost that you get from using Tongkat Ali root makes you active all day. It also helps to improve the endurance and performance during a workout. The energetic boost of Tongkat Ali also controls body’s weight and emotional status.

  • Tongkat Ali for Weight Loss and Control

Weight loss is a common problem in three fourth population of the world. The weight gain happens to hit your body when your metabolism is slowing down. When metabolic rate is slow, it is difficult for the body to control the hormones and improve the energy levels to make all systems work.

In this situation using Tongkat Ali can help by maintaining the hormones and regulating the metabolism. The result is a reduction in weight loss. If you happen to use Tongkat Ali constantly, you may see a stable weight for long. It minimizes the chances of weight gain when you use Tongkat Ali regularly.

Not only your body will be in shape but also your psychological condition will be improved. It is proven by research that Tongkat Ali improves lean body mass. However, using Tongkat Ali may not help alone, you have to incorporate it into a balanced diet an exercise daily.Tongkat Ali benefits for women

  • Tongkat Ali for Libido Boost

This benefit of Tongkat Ali is highly desirable in men. Women can also get the same benefit by using Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali has aphrodisiac properties naturally. Using it for the same reason will improve your sexual health, desire, and libido.

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For women, Tongkat Ali increases the sensitivity of sexual organs, which helps her to have a satisfied bonding with her partner.

How to use Tongkat Ali for all these benefits?

Tongkat Ali is widely available in stores and online. You may buy it in the form of Tongkat Ali powder or Tongkat Ali supplements. It is not expensive and is easily available at all health stores with different brand names.

Following tips should be known before you use Tongkat Ali for its respective benefits.

  • Read the manufacturer’s label and dosage instructions carefully.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Start from the low dose and gradually increase the dosage with time.
  • The best dosage that works for most of the people is 1200 mg to 2400 mg per day.
  • It is better to use the daily dosage in 2 or 4 split doses, each one to be 300 or 500 mg.
  • For the best effects, cycle the dosage of Tongkat Ali. The right time to take a break from its usage is between 5 and 8 weeks. Shorter cycles of Tongkat Ali are the best for users which require a libido boost.
  • Shorter cycles are usually for people taking the herb to improve sex drive.

Tongkat Ali Coffee

A recent trend of using Tongkat Ali in coffee is rapidly becoming popular. In this coffee, the dried Tongkat Ali root is used either in the form of small pieces, chunks or a fine powder. It looks similar to coffee. People like to use Tongkat Ali coffee because it has higher sugar that helps in energetic relief. The extreme bitter taste of Tongkat Ali don’t allow many people to get all these benefits of it.

Tongkat Ali benefits for women

Therapeutic Dosage for Tongkat Ali

The dosage requirement of Tongkat Ali varies for everyone. If you are using the powder, you can infuse it into the water to make tea. Bur this Tongkat Ali tea is too bitter. Alternatively, the companies are formulating Tongkat Ali root extract powder and supplements. Using the supplements is the easiest as it masks the bitter taste and effects of Tongkat Ali.

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Is there any side effect of Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is a plant-based product and herbal products are usually considered safe. There are no known side effects of Tongkat Ali for women. It is safe to use it until a few months. You may need to take a break after 8-9 months for a few months before starting a new cycle of Tongkat Ali.

There is no sufficient data available on safety level of Tongkat Ali for pregnant women or nursing mothers. But it is better to avoid it when you are expecting a baby or feeding your infant.

Mild side effects are possible to experience, which usually go away on their own. They include insomnia, agitation, mood swings etc. However, using a small or medium dosage can prevent these side effects. Never use a high dosage as it may bring these side effects too.

Try to consume the supplement of powder of Tongkat Ali Root in the daytime. Taking it in evening or night may hinder to your regular sleep cycle.

Considerations for using Tongkat Ali

  • You cannot combine Tongkat Ali with an equally powerful substance on your own. It may bring serious health side effects.
  • Women with chronic conditions should not use Tongkat Ali without consulting their doctors.
  • If you are on medication, do not use Tongkat Ali supplements.
  • Patients with preexisting conditions should never experiment with Tongkat Ali. These preexisting conditions mean prostate, breast cancer, kidney, liver or heart problems etc.
  • The immunocompromised women should use Tongkat Ali before consulting a doctor. Those that are taking immunosuppressants should also avoid taking Tongkat Ali.




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