What Are The Best Treat Brands For Dogs?

What Are The Best Treat Brands For Dogs?


Tired of having the same old bland bowl of meat every single day when food is the only ray of light in your life and gives it meaning?

Is your short life extremely insipid and even your food manages to suck the last bit of soul out of you?

Ever found that the only thing that life has to offer besides lemons is stiff curbsides lemons that have been sucked raw of the heavenly juices the culinary world has to offer?

Can’t relate, can you?

If you can, we feel bad for you.

Let’s give it a little thought. Why don’t most humans feel this way?

That is because humans tend to indulge ourselves in all of the divine cuisines the world has to offer in a heartbeat. So what of the creatures that are even more precious than humans and too pure for this world?

And whose lives revolve around us?

Who weeps when we weep and laugh when we laugh?

Whose day is made upon the mere sight of us?

YES, you guessed it, DOGS and no, not being dramatic just stating the facts!

Along with the fact that your dogs will love you for the slight gesture of delicious treats, they can be used for your own purposes as well. Not only will they serve in rewarding or spoiling your dog but are great for training and behavioral work as well. Providing your dog with a treat every time it manages to behave and doesn’t mistake the living room carpet for the litter can be a far quicker way of training your dogs impeccably than any other conventional method.

But we do need to keep in mind that it is quite hard, finding the perfect brand for your dog that is delicious, healthy, won’t make it sick and break the bank at the same time.

That’s why we have put together some of the best dog treats brands that will make your lives easier and your dogs’ delicious!

1) Fruitables

First of all, Fruitables is a natural pet food brand and has a good variety of treats, both crunchy and soft textures are available to cater to every dog’s preference. They use healthy ingredients like sunflower oil, beef, pumpkin, yogurt etc and has a flavor for every dog’s palate. So you can spoil your dog and keep its health check at the same time.

What Are The Best Treat Brands for Dogs?

2) Bravo!

Bravo is another wholesome brand that offers natural, deliciously flavored treats for your dogs. From their line of full-sized, dry roasted and freeze-dried single protein treats to their bite-sized training treats, they’ve got it all. They are especially well known for their training purposes. They have no added color, hormones, antibiotics or artificial preservatives and dogs nowadays seem to love these.

What Are The Best Treat Brands for Dogs?

3) Leanlix

This innovative style of treats has managed to sweep us away along with our dogs as well. It is a new low-calorie reward and training tool for dogs that includes the fun way of licking the treat. With far fewer calories as compared to other treats brands, this brand targets pet obesity as well. Along with keeping the health and obesity in check, it is perfect for training and rewarding your precious pet to a tasty, mouth-watering treat. You have the diverse choice of 8 different formulas as well.

What Are The Best Treat Brands for Dogs?

4) Project Paws Freeze Dried

One of the most celebrated treats and that too for all the good reasons. This brand produces food that was MEANT for your dog to consume. Their freeze drying process preserves the raw qualities of meat that makes sure that maximum nutrition is provided to your dogs and what stands this brand out is the fact that your purchase will also provide 14 healthy meals for shelter dogs. Don’t think you need any other reason to stock up on these.

What Are The Best Treat Brands for Dogs?

5) Newman’s Own

An amazing tool to train your dogs that comes in different types-biscuits, sticks, and jerky along with countless, toothsome flavors of peanut butter, chicken, cheese etc. These heart-shaped, crunchy treats contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. These are good for dogs with digestive problems as they seem to go easy on the tummies.

What Are The Best Treat Brands for Dogs?

6) Plato Pet Treats

This organic chicken treat contains 90% pure meat, no artificial anything and is completely natural. They make sure to keep track of all of the sources they get their ingredients from and only go for the natural and most reliable sources. These treats are the perfect healthy solution to treat your dogs and each treat goes through a detailed inspection before being shipped.

What Are The Best Treat Brands for Dogs?

7) Greenies Dental Treats

These dog treats are the safest and most natural treats for your dogs and are the number 1 choice by the veterinarians for dog chews. But we do have to keep in mind that these are not all natural and are made for special reason-dogs’ dental issues. Greenies are safe and easy for dogs to digest and provide a really simple way for dog parents to maintain their dental health and are recommended by vets. These promote healthier teeth and gums and work against bad breath and plaque. With numerous size options and flavors, Greenies are go-to for dog parents who have dental problems as their dogs’ main health issue.

What Are The Best Treat Brands for Dogs?

8) Wet Noses Organic Dog Treats

Wet Noses Organic Dog Treats are USDA certified treats that come in three different and delicious flavors – namely cheddar, peanut butter, and pumpkin. It is made with human-grade ingredients and absolutely no corn, wheat, artificial flavors or preservatives are used to make the brand’s dog treats. Moreover, it does not contain any eggs or dairy product that could commonly trigger allergies and gastrointestinal problems in dogs. Each pack of this dog food contains 14 ounces of crunchy treats. The flavors are designed in a way that they can help your dog, for example, the pumpkin flavor consists of cinnamon and ginger and helps stomachs that get easily agitated. 

9) Riley’s Organics Dog Food

This brand also produces delicious dog food by adding the finest human-grade ingredients. It has deducted anything that might not sit well with your dogs and cause allergies like wheat, corn or soy ingredients. They come in a bone-shape, a crunchy surface that will give your canine companions healthy and completely organic snacks to enjoy. They also provide them with carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins. It is their crunchy surface that has made some dogs not be its fan.

Riley’s Organics Peanut Butter and Molasses treats for dogs

10) Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats include Grade A chicken breasts that come as crunchy meaty strips. If you are a fan of bacon and eat it frequently, you can fool your pet into believing that you are feeding him the same thing as to what you are eating. This is one of the reasons why these thin strips have been so popular with people. These thin strips have been dehydrated, preserved naturally, and can be broken into little pieces according to your dog’s appetite. They make a great incentive to be used while dogs are undergoing training. It has been approved, made in the USA and guaranteed to be free of additives or preservatives that could harm your pet. A bag of Premium Chicken Jerky contains about 8 ounces of thin chicken strips. If your pet doesn’t like the first bag, you can always get your money back on returning it to the store.

#1 Premium Chicken Jerky treats for dogs


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