What Are The Smallest Cat Breeds In The World?

What Are The Smallest Cat Breeds In The World?

We all love a cat that it cute, tiny and fluffy. Like who wouldn’t? However, there are some people who prefer their cats to remain that size for as long they live. Thus, we formed a list below of 8 smallest cat breeds that never grow ‘big’.

1) Singapura

This breed of cat holds the first position on the list of the smallest cats in the world. Many Singapura cats don’t even weigh more than 2 kg but the usual weight you’ll see is 5-8 pounds – which is very less, in case you haven’t noticed. They weigh almost as much as a newborn baby. Just because they are small, doesn’t feel their frame isn’t muscular. They have the markings of a ticked tabby are also very agile and thus very into mischief.

Want to know an interesting fact about the Singapura cat?
The breed gets its name from the fact that they have been established from street cats in Singapore.

2) Munchkin

Munchkin cats’ breed is small, with small, cute stubby legs because of a spontaneous gene mutation. The gene mutation is caused by an autosomal dominant gene, which causes the long bones in a cat’s legs to grow shorter. Although their bodies are like other cats and medium in size, their shoulder height is very low to the ground and their legs – oh, they might be the best and feature about them – are very small as well. Munchkin breed is surprisingly agile.

3) Cornish Rex

Now, this type of cats are just plain adorable. They come third on the list and are a small breed that is famous for its unusual coat. They weigh around 6-10 pounds and really slim. They possess only the ‘down’ hair. This usually makes up the undercoat of a normal cat so they are incredibly soft to the touch – almost like feathers – and are also curly. They are rumored to have hypoallergenic properties but they, in fact, do not. Cornish Rex has an unusually proportioned body and comes in all colors you can possibly imagine a cat having.

A weird fact about Cornish Rex is that they tend to have a dog-like personality.

4) Devon Rex

Devon Rex also contains ‘down’ hair, like the Cornish Rex, which is curly and extremely soft to the touch. What this lacks in size and looks, it makes up for its ability to be soft to the touch. Known as the Pixie of the Cat World, this breed sports a slender body, large ears, and weighs about 5-10 pounds. It is considered to be one of the most intelligent cat breeds in the world.

5) American Curl

American Curl, as the name suggests, are a curly ball of fur. These cats are smaller, which is why they are on this list at number 5, than average but their most distinguishable feature is their ears which are curled backward. They tend to weigh about 5 kg or less but if gene comes into play there might be many variations. They originated in California and their kittens take birth with straight ears. It is not until 3-5 days after their birth that their ears start to take shape. This breed of cats is most coveted when the cats have the biggest curl in their ears.

6) Siamese

Siamese cats have quite a long, tubular body but they are on the sixth number because they are a lightweight breed. This breed usually weighs about or less than 5 kg but they do possess a lithe frame. Their muscular body bears long lines and a long, wedge-shaped head. The unusual features about them are their ears and their eyes. You will never see a Siamese without being mesmerized by its deep vivid almond eyes. Their ears are large in size and wide at the base and their pointed tip makes their round head support triangular ears. Siamese has a short coat but is very soft to the touch.

7) Balinese

If the Balinese doesn’t remind you of Simba from The Lion King, you might need to focus some more. It shares many of traits with another cat breed called Siamese. Surprisingly, it is not just the name that is similar. Balinese pretty much is a purebred, longhaired version of Siamese. This is why it shares the same weight and the body structure – if you can notice at all under all that fur, that is. Another common thing between them is their color of eyes.

However, differences do exist. The obvious being the coat length. For Balinese cats, it is this medium-length coat that makes it different from Siamese. The coat is fine and absolutely silky.  Balinese cat can never be a lap cat, so it won’t sit in one place. They are very active, clever, brave with a well developed predatory drive. Thus, you’ll need a bigger place to satisfy its need to jump and climb.

8) The Dwelf

Another TV/movie reference – have you ever watched Friends TV show? If yes, do you remember the cat Rachel got and Chandler’s reaction to it? If no, then you need to look it up! This cat looks utterly unique – or as Chandler had called it ‘inside out’. It has combined the unique traits of three breeds to make Dwelf like an alien. The short legs of the Munchkin, the curled ears of the American Curl and the hairless body of the Sphynx cat gives you a small Dwarf/Elf – Dwelf cat. If you want to bring this cat home, we advise you take really good care of its coat by regularly grooming it. It will help stimulate circulation, massages the skin, and removes debris and loose hair from the coat.

With a Dwelf, you will have to worry very little about shedding because it rarely, if ever, occurs for this cat breed. However, don’t worry about medical bills or them getting sick because it is very very rare. This breed is very vocal, active, attention seeking but is usually good around people. The owners will have to be very patient and bear with their incessant crying and meowing at all times of day and will also have to be very participatory to keep the cat happy and satisfied.


9) Oriental Cat

On 9 we have Oriental Cat. Who knew that in a cat of this size, could store this much energy and activity in its tiny body?

The Oriental cat is known for its agility and high energy as it eagerly runs, jumps and climbs around. It is loved by cat lovers for its bat-like ears and lean, mean bodies. They are also known as Oriental Shorthair. Oriental cat is also hypoallergic and is considered to be the smartest of all breeds.

10) Japanese Bobtail

This kitty is the inspiration behind Hello Kitty. So if you wished you had a cat similar to that one, well Japanese Bobtail is Hello Kitty in the flesh! This cat too loves making friends and looking out for others. It is considered to bring good luck and thus is used in a lot of trinkets, etc. Japanese Bobtail loves to discover new things and is a somewhat curious cat. It has a very colorful origin story and can be considered an ancient breed.


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