10 Signs Anxiety Is Controlling You

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines anxiety as a disorder that causes a person to unnecessarily worry about daily events or tasks, or about specific rituals.

It is absolutely normal to suffer from anxiety from time to time. You may find yourself feeling anxious right before the most important events in your life. Anxiety can take over you when you are giving a public appearance or right before an interview.

However, if you frequently start suffering from anxiety attacks, you might be having a problem. The question that arises here is that how can you know if your everyday anxiety has turned itself into a disorder? It is certainly not an easy job!

So, what are the signs of anxiety disorder you might depict without realizing it?

  • You Worry Too Much

This is the simplest and the commonest sign and a basic criterion for diagnosing anxiety. As per the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, a person suffering from generalized anxiety worries about all the things that a normal person would worry about, but in a way that it badly affects its daily routine.

If you are suffering from anxiety for up to ten hours, you are suffering from anxiety. Worrying all the time can also impair your ability to function as well.

  • You Find It Difficult To Fall Asleep

Lack of proper sleep can be one of the basic symptoms of anxiety. Even if you manage to fall asleep somehow, you might find yourself struggling to stay asleep. It is normal to toss and turn with tension just before your big presentation, but if this starts happening on a daily basis, you might be suffering from anxiety.

  • You Suffer From Nausea and Cramps

Your gut is prone to mental stress and if you are suffering from anxiety, it is normal for you to have stomach aches. Additionally, you might find yourself suffering from bloating, nausea, cramps, indigestion, gas and bloating.

  • You Are Always Nervous

Anxiety can constantly make you feel jittery, particularly over nothing. If you feel that you always feel butterflies in your stomach no matter where you go, you need to see a doctor about anxiety.

  • You Want To Be A Perfectionist

Do you relentlessly worry about falling short of the high standards or making mistakes? Do you get extremely upset upon finding yourself on a mediocre level? You are most likely suffering from anxiety.

  • You Feel Like Your Heart is Pounding

You can judge if a person is suffering from generalized anxiety disorder by observing the physical symptoms. One of the most important manifestations of an anxious person is a pounding heart tagged with shortness of breath. If you additionally start suffering from heart palpitations, you might need to consult with a cardiologist right away!

  • You Are Self-Conscious All The Time

Social anxiety is not always provoked while addressing the public or coming into the limelight. Most of the time, anxiety attacks occur can occur due to the tiniest events such as eating in front of a person or initiating a conversation with a person.

In such type of situations, people suffering from anxiety feel like all the people are eyeing on him and they tend to suffer from nausea, trembling, blushing and even sweating.

  • You Keep Having Flashbacks

Anxiety can keep a bad memory running through the mind of a sufferer every time. This can affect the way the person functions every day. Flashbacks can remind you of anything, the time when you lost someone special, a traumatic occasion, a bad accident or anything that has affected your life badly.

  • You Are Fearful Of Everything

Suffering from phobias is a classic sign of anxiety. According to NAMI, someone suffering from a phobia is not just uncomfortable in a particular situation; in fact, he is much more than that. Phobias can be triggered by particular places, objects or events resulting in a strong feeling of fear for no rational reason.

  • You Second-Guess Yourself

Some people tend to doubt themselves and their capabilities all the time. Second-guessing yourself persistently can mean you are suffering from anxiety. In some cases, the sufferer can even start questioning his own identity and fortune. He is unsure about his future and keeps assuming the possibilities that can happen if he does something wrong or if he fails at something.


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